Sunday, July 28, 2013


Every good book has a villain. Sasha is the villain of The Missing Kitten. Who is she? Here's an abridged excerpt of a conversation between Rambo and Old Corny to explain more:

“Who is she?” I asked. “All I know is her name is Sasha.”
Corny froze. “Sasha, did you say?”
“You know her?” I stepped forward in anticipation.
“She travels around these parts. They told tales about her even when I was young. She’s a murderer, a plotter. She makes plans for animals to destroy others then leaves them to do the dirty work. She’s a criminal consultant, you might say. Though, ‘monster’ is closer to the mark.”
“What would she be doing here?”
“Just passing through, maybe. Though, if she’s here to stay, you can be sure dark days are coming.”
“Like what? What should I be expecting?”
Corny looked straight into my eyes. “Has anything weird been going on lately? Disappearances of items, animals, anything like that which you haven’t been able to explain?”
I thought for a moment. “Seabert hasn’t turned up recently… I’m sure he’s just off on a romp.”
Corny paled. “That’s not good.”
I agreed, turning serious. “What do I do?”
“Find Seabert. Keep close tabs on everyone else. Search the farm for him, get everyone on the job. He must be found. If he’s not around, you can be sure Sasha has something to do with it.”
“If I can’t find him, what should my plan of action be?”
Corny paused. “Let’s hope you don’t have to worry about that.”
I looked him in the eye. “If I can’t find him, if he is wrapped up in Sasha’s plan, what do I do to stop her?”
“If he’s a part of Sasha’s plan and he’s been captured, or kidnapped, or whatever; then, I’m sorry, but I don’t know if anything else can be done. Your best hope is to find him before she does. If you can’t, then reconcile yourself to the fact that he could be lost forever.”

Sound creepy? Sound villainous? That's the hope.
Will Sasha be back in later books? Who knows? Maybe if I'm begged enough.
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