Saturday, February 15, 2014


   The cats. They've done it. They're taking over! It's the catageddon! They've locked me in the basement. There's no escape. I only just managed to get wi-fi (that's why I haven't posted in so long). They're coming for you next. Beware! If you see the cats with shifty glances, run for the hills! Stock up on food. Stock up on water! THE END IS NIGH!

   Okay, not really. The cats probably aren't coming for you. And the only reason I'm locked in a basement is because the cats want me to finish Book 2. They're tired of getting cheap cat food, and they want me to become a rich author so I can get them the expensive tuna stuff. (Blech.)
   Don't worry, though. I've got a plan. It involves four pounds of chicken, a box of string cheese, and maybe an skunk. Hmm.

   On the other hand, maybe I'll just finish Trapped, Book 2 of The Kitten Mysteries. Oh! That's right! That's why I wrote this post in the first place: I have big news! Big news! News so big that I'm shaking the entire basement! (Though that might be because the cats are getting antsy). What is this news? It's this:
   Trapped is finished! I'm basically satisfied with the final draft, and all that remains is a cover and a proof copy! That's right, I might actually make my deadline!
   Look for Trapped out in paperback by March 1st! My hope is to put up a blog post revealing the cover before it comes out, but if not, I'll definitely have a post up releasing its publication.
   Thanks for reading, have a great day!

   This is Jesse Rice, signing off. Where's that string cheese...?