Saturday, July 13, 2013


I wrote my first autograph the other day. Nothing fancy, just signed my name. Autograph's are cool and all, but I've never gotten one from anyone. Perhaps that should change... Well, let me explain.
I never understood society's interest in autographs. I suppose, on one hand, it makes sense. We want to have proof that we actually met such a person. Like, if I have a certain person's signature, then I can flout to the world, "I actually met Scott Elkins!" Though, in one sense, that is rather prideful.
Still, if that's case, then why don't we get autographs of our friends and family? Sure, we probably don't know anyone famous, but why should that make a difference? Shouldn't we be just as proud to shout to the world that "I've met John Smith!" as "I've met Chris Wise!"? If we do otherwise, isn't that hypocritical of us?
So here's my challenge. Let's not just go after the autographs of the famous people (people like Neil Gaiman, James Rollins, or Shane Claiborne) let's go after the autographs of semi-famous people (like Katie Lynn Daniels or Theodora Ashcraft) and even 'normal' people like Jesse Rice or John Smith.
Ever wanted to give your autograph to someone? Wouldn't it make your day for someone to come up to you and say, "You're (insert your name here)! Can I have your autograph?" What if we started doing that to our friends? How would that make them feel? And isn't an autograph from them more important than some famous person you know a lot about, but hardly know?
Most important, an autograph is only your name written on a piece of paper. Our names represent who we are. When we write our name for someone, it is like showing someone who we are. However, I lives really represent who we are. What if we started living our autographs instead of merely writing them? What if we wrote our lives out "To Austin, with love, Jesse Rice." and actually meant it? What would we truly live like if our lives were dedicated to each other? Or, perhaps, to someone greater?
"If you give a glass of water to someone in my name, you give one to me."

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  1. This is a very thought-provoking post, and I enjoyed it very much, Jesse. :) (Though... I hardly consider myself semi-famous. o_O)

    Thank you for sharing it. :) It definitely makes a lot of sense.