Works in Progress

Works in Progress? Too many to count. Here's a few:

Title: The Missing Kitten
Status: Published!
Createspace: The Missing Kitten
Amazon: The Missing Kitten
Description: When imaginative Rambo discovers his kitten friend Seabert has vanished, he isn't immediately worried. However, once he starts looking, he finds himself drawn into a plot involving a catnapping and a scheme to destroy the farm. Can Rambo rescue his friend from the forest, or will Seabert be lost forever?

Title: Trapped!
Status: Published!
Createspace: Trapped
Amazon: Coming Soon!
Description: When rebellious kitten Seabert decides he no longer wants to live under his mother's rules, he flees the farm. His freedom ends suddenly when a skunk, claiming the same love for freedom as Seabert, imprisons him. Stunned by this unexpected twist, Seabert is horrified when he finds out the fate of an entire city hinges upon his actions. Will Seabert's friends rescue him, or will his 'freedom' turn into a trap of its own?

Title: The Kyge in the Mist
Status: Second Draft, 5000 words
Expected Publication Date: March 2014?

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