Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Interesting how anger works. It seems to be a license. A license which is swiped and said to be okay for swearing, yelling--even to the edge of screaming, insulting, saying cruel things. Then there appears this card called the apology card, and you swipe this one too, so everything will be okay afterwards. There is only one thing. You can never take back your words because as soon as they came from your mouth it was impossible. They say betrayal is a trust breaker, and dishonesty too. Well. I guess you can keep swiping that anger card and that apology card, and see if that is true.    -MELR

I'm sure most people have a credit card, or know someone who has a credit card. This is the kind of imagery this quote is talking about. Just swiping a card and getting what you want. And, like a credit card, eventually the price has to be paid.
The problem is, there's a card missing. There's another card that needs to come into play: the love card. This is the card that says, "This isn't right." It's not a card that gives the right to smash the other person over the head. It's not a card that allows for hatred and bitterness. It's a card that seeks recovery and reconciliation. It's not an easy card to use. And this card needs to be swiped over and over again. Swiping this card will mean there may be a long wait before you can see the reward. There may be not perceivable change. Yet this is the card that we all carry and we all can swipe.
How often do you use your card?

Edit: By this post I am in no way discrediting the original quote. It is a legitimate quote speaking about the problem of using excuses for anger. I am trying to speak about the response of the one who is hurt, and this plays off the quote, it doesn't reduce it.

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