Friday, July 25, 2014


   Last week was fun, and Rambo did a good job. But enough frivolity, it's time to get back into thinking mode. What am I going to blog about today?
   That's not to say that telling you what my topic is is spoiling. Rather, today's topic is spoilers.
   Personally, I don't have much spoiler-phobia. Spoilers aren't really all that scary for me. I have no problem looking up the ending to a TV series on the internet before I've finished it. Spoilers just don't bother me that much. Maybe that's because I'm impatient, or maybe it's just that I want to know if the story is worth my time before I invest in it for 7 seasons (or whatever the case may be). I listened to a podcast recently that talked about how a story should hold up on its own with or without the ending being known. I thought that was an interesting concept and thought it was quite good.
   There's just one problem with that: my mentality.
   See, if I know about a big twist that is coming, I tend to look forward to that and ignore the presence of the story in front of me. I've always been a bit of an idealist, looking for how things should or could be, and missing the thing that lies directly in front of me. It's the same way when a character is killed off. If I know a character is going to die, consciously or unconsciously, I will disconnect from that character and end up having the death not impact me (or impact me less).
   So, even though I haven't been much of a spoiler-phobe up until now, I've been trying to become more of one. Though, I guess that is just one of two options. I can either avoid the spoilers and allow the twist to impact me (or death, or what have you) or I can throw myself into the story regardless of whether I know how it will end or not.
   Still, the podcast was right: a big twist at the end should not be an excuse to allow weakness with the style of the storytelling. The twist just allows the author to make a bigger impact in the mind of the reader.

What are your thoughts on spoilers? Are you against spoilers, or are you able to enjoy a story regardless of whether you know the ending? Comment below with your thoughts!

Friday, July 11, 2014

One Year

   That's right, I've been blogging now for about a year! (I started June 24, 2013). Thus, without further ado, I'm going to bring out our host: Rambo the Magnificent!

   Hello Ladies and Gentleman. How are you all? I hope you have had a good day. Or a good night. Either way, I'm not picky. As long as you're here, I'm going to talk your ear off.
   They say it's best to start off with some preamble. So now I'd like to invite my friend Pre to come up here and amble.
   That's more of a visual joke.
   Anyway! When Jesse told me to come up here and walk you through the One Year Birthday, I was excited. I mean, it's basically me saying random stuff and getting paid for it! (What, you don't get paid for blogging?) But enough of all that, let's get on to the good stuff!
   Top 3 posts of the year!
   3. Reasons to Watch Popular Films. Posted May 9, 2014.
      This one makes the most sense to me. Jesse wrote about popular films in response to a challenge posed by a podcast. I think the podcast mentioned it, which is probably why a lot of people saw this. I read over it and thought the logic was a bit faulty. I think I'll stick to watching the sunset, thank you very much. That's not very popular these days.
   2. News. Posted July 8, 2013
      This one I can understand. This was when Jesse announced his first story had come out. I guess people were really excited and told all their friends. I know I told my friends, but they don't have internet to check blog posts. If they did, they'd probably just watch funny human videos on youtube.
   1. Everyone is Connected. Posted March 28, 2014
      This is kind of surprising to me. This was Jesse's review of God's Not Dead, the Christian film that came out early this year. I haven't seen it, but Jesse thought it was okay, and it seems people thought his review was grand. Or maybe he just got extra publicity since the movie was so popular.

   Top Interview of the Year!
   3. Interview with Jessica Verve. Posted August 9, 2013
      Interviews are obviously going to have a lot of views, because the interviewed will post about it on their respective social media. Therefore, more people are going to see it. In fact, these three interviews were all in the top ten posts of the year. About this specific interview? Jesse says it's the most fun interview he has done. It's probably because of the cool name of the person he interviewed.
   2. Interview with Jeremiah Lang. Posted Jan 23, 2014
      This was an interview with a brand new author celebrating the release of his first book. There was lots of talk about books and stories and all sorts of other stuff common to interviews.
   1. Interview with Faith Blum. Posted December 8, 2013
      This was the second most viewed post of the last year. This was part of a blog tour, which was probably why it got a lot of views. It was also celebrating the author's debut novel. Jesse says this is the only person he interviewed whose novel he hasn't read. About that, he is sad. But, not time to waste crying, time to move to the next topic!

   Looking forward to next year:
   Topics Jesse hopes to write on: Jesse says he hopes to write about spoilers, write more movie reviews, and write more book reviews. He also hopes to not take a huge break during the middle of the year like he did last year (shame, shame). He also hopes to have more conversations with us cats, like he did once around Easter. I think that would be quite enjoyable, because it will mean me being on more!
   People Jesse hopes to interview: He hasn't worked up much of a spine yet, so he'll probably stick to low-key authors and indie published authors or, possibly, even unpublished authors who are hoping to some day. Of those possibilities, he hopes to interview Juliet Lauser, Katie Lynn Daniels, and anyone else he can work up the nerve (and the time) to talk to. (Jesse's giving me a warning look, so I'd better wrap up).

   Well, I hope you've enjoyed the last of year of Jesse's blog. Comment below if you enjoyed it, and tell Jesse that I should be on here more. Have a good day, night, or otherwise! Farewell!

Friday, July 4, 2014

Book Release: Trapped!

   I have realized a horrible mistake. I have a schedule (not that I ever follow it) that says I am to do an author interview/ book review on the last Friday of every month. And last Friday I FORGOT! HORRORS!
   Yes. I forgot. So this week I am doing a book review of... My own book! And I have a celebrity to do it for me!
   That's right: Trapped just recently came out (it can be found on Amazon) and I have (drum roll please) Grumpy Cat to review it!

   Okay, not really. Grumpy Cat was way to busy to review a lowly book about cats for me, so I have Rambo here to fill in. Take it away, Rambo!

   I care about this book as much as I do about you. Not at all.

   ...Thanks, Rambo, for that glowing review. Well, who cares what the cat thinks. I'll let you make the decisions for yourself. Here's the synopsis:

   When rebellious kitten Seabert decides he no longer wants to live under his mother's rules, he flees the farm. His freedom ends suddenly when a skunk, claiming the same love for freedom as Seabert, imprisons him. Stunned by this unexpected twist, Seabert is horrified when he finds out the fate of an entire city hinges upon his actions. Will Seabert's friends rescue him, or will his 'freedom' turn into a trap of its own?

   How's that sound? Interesting I hope! This book has been in the works for a long time (I've been working on it since 2011). More to the point, it's been almost a year since the last book. I know that's a lot longer than I was planning, but I'm hoping to get the 3rd book out sooner (Title: The Kyge in the Mist). Look for that coming March 1st, 2015 (unless things get slowed down again, then it'll probably be out next summer).
   Oh, and if you are wondering about the Kindle version: don't worry, it's coming. I hope to have it out by next Friday. All I have to do is tweak a few things and upload it, so it shouldn't take me that long.
   I hope you come back next week, where I'll have my anniversary party and talk about all the stuff I've done over the last year. I hope you enjoy it, and I'll have Rambo here to help keep things interesting. For now, this is Jesse and Rambo signing off.
I still don't care.