About the Author

  What am I? That is the question. Perhaps I can be best understood by what I do:
  I am a writer. I write books, stories, tweets. Some days I like writing, some days I hate writing, but I am a writer and I cannot stop writing. I read books to get into the minds of others, and I write to get the others out of my mind.
  I am a farmer. I raise pigs, milk cows, make cheese, and play with cats. Some days I like animals, some days I hate animals, but they are hungry, so I cannot help but feed them. I work with animals to train myself on how I work, so I can incorporate it into the rest of my life.
  I am a Christian. I serve a king, glorify a Lord, love my Father. He shows me how to live, and I do my best to obey him. When I fall, he picks me up, and I strive to show that love to others.
  What do you get when you combine a writer with a farmer and a theologian? Me.

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