Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Case of the Missing Girl - Part 5

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The Case of the Missing Girl
By Jesse Rice
Chapter Five
Case Closed?
   I hurried into the milking parlor just as the last of the cows were being released out to pasture.
   "She's so lucky," Jesse mumbled. I stopped to listen closer. "She gets off chores. I guess it's fair, since it's her birthday."
   I grinned. The case was closed! Detective Rambo had finished the case: the youngest girl was missing because it was her birthday and she had stayed inside.
   My victory was short-lived, however, for I immediately heard Caesar growling behind me. I turned around slowly.
   "This is really bad," I whispered.
   Caesar dashed at me and grabbed at my fur. I hissed and tried to escape from his jaws. He threw me against the wall and chased me into the corner. I cowered, hissing at him. He jumped at me, and I scratched his nose. He suddenly leaped away and I was doused with water. I ran away from where Jesse was spraying the hose, which had sent Caesar running. I shook myself and ran to Jesse, purring as I went.
   "Rambo, get out of here," Jesse said. "Don't let Caesar get you again."
   I purred and ran into the hay barn next door.
   "What's going on?" asked a sleepy Seabert. "Have you solved any cases recently?"
   "Yes, actually," I replied. "Let me tell you about it."
The End

There! That's the first story I wrote about the cats. Out of those characters, I developed the Kitten Mysteries series. 
I hope you enjoyed this story. Come back next week (hopefully Monday) where I'll release an excerpt from Trapped, Book Two of the Kitten Mysteries.

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