Tuesday, September 17, 2013

An Excerpt!

   As I promised: an excerpt from Trapped, Kitten Mysteries|Book 2.

   “The Eagle crested over the mountaintop, gazing over the valley below. Swooping into a dive, it followed the forest to the base of the mountain, wing tips only inches above the treetops. 
   “The forest ended and the Eagle flapped its wings, rising up over the fields of cut corn. On its westward journey, the Eagle crossed a road traveling south. Its shadow followed the small farm lane splitting off from the road, leading between two pastures. The shadow crossed over a bridge composed of red iron ringlets. 
   “Dropping, the eagle perched on the peak of a barn across the lane from the farmhouse. Little did it know that its life would soon be in danger of attack from a vicious, clever, albino kitten-” 
   “Wait a minute.” 
   This voice of complaint came from my brother, Musketeer. He shook his head in confusion. “You really think you would have even a chance against an eagle?” 
   I sighed. “It’s fiction, Musketeer. Accept it that not everything is realistic.”
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