Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Case of the Missing Girl - Part 4

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The Case of the Missing Girl
By Jesse Rice
Chapter Four
   I flew toward the rooster and slid in the mud. I jumped over the rooster's claw and grabbed the hair bow in my mouth. Then, without a backward glance, I dashed out of the chicken pen with the rooster on my tail. I turned around and saw the rooster leaping over the fence.
   "Prepare to be pecked!" the rooster screeched.
   I gasped and nearly dropped the hair bow. I hurried to the porch and jumped onto the swing. Panting and hiding, I inspected the bow. Suddenly, a wild tapping came from the window beside the swing. I glanced over, but saw no one. Whoever had tapped had fled. However, hanging in the window, was a large, pink, birthday balloon.
   "Someone had a birthday," I murmured. "Can this be connected to the Case of the Missing Girl?" An idea formed in my brain, and I dashed away from the porch, leaving the bow behind.
   As I crossed the farm, deep in thought, I was oblivious to the fact that an angry Caesar was following.
   "Beware, cat," Caesar growled, and moved in for the kill.
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