Saturday, August 3, 2013

"Why I write Series" or "Kitten Mysteries Information"

   Have you ever read a series that made you shiver at how good it was? Not just a single book (though those can be hard to find), but a series as a whole that made you want to tell everyone about it? A series made up of books which themselves told a story, but also told one, long, continuous story?
   I love books like that. I like a book that feels finished, but there is something else coming along. A book that, while it is satisfying, makes me beg for more. Those are the kind of books, TV shows, and movies that I love. And those are the kind of stories that I want to write.
   See, The Missing Kitten isn't a standalone story. No. It could be, I suppose, and it could be consumed as such. But it was never meant to be a single. It is a part of a whole (which is why it says Kitten Mysteries|Book 1). Though, of course, that might cause you to ask some questions: "What are the other books about? What are the other books called? How many are there?" Those are all very good questions and I hope to have some very good answers.
   (Note: All answers are subject to change, but these are my plans for now.)

   Kitten Mysteries|Book 1:
   The Missing Kitten
   Synopsis: Missing In Action! When imaginative Rambo discovers his kitten friend Seabert has vanished, he isn't immediately worried. However, once he starts looking, he finds himself drawn into a plot involving a catnapping and a scheme to destroy the farm. Can Rambo rescue his friend from the forest, or will Seabert be lost forever?

   Kitten Mysteries|Book 2:
   Brief synopsis: When a kitten runs away from the farm, the rest of the cats must band together to save him from a cave-in and the danger that lie beyond.

   Kitten Mysteries|Book 3:
   The Kyge in the Mist
   Brief synopsis: When a kitten falls sick, Musketeer and Seabert band together to find the only cure. Their only problem: the only animal who knew about it is now dead.

   Kitten Mysteries|Book 4:
   The Found Kitten
   Brief Synopsis: After (spoiler) vanishes, Rambo sets out to find her, save her, and learns a dark secret about what happened years before.

   Interested yet? I hope so! Now that I have you angry or curious (or both), all that remains is for me to write the stories! And, to keep those who are angry happy, I've almost completed the second draft of Trapped. No excerpt yet, I'm afraid, but be prepared. Some stuff is going to happen, some stuff is not, but one thing is for sure: the kittens are going to get into a lot of trouble!

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