Monday, August 26, 2013

The Case of the Missing Girl - Part 3

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The Case of the Missing Girl
By Jesse Rice
Chapter Three
   I immediately stepped into action as Detective Rambo, Private Eyes. I jumped off the feed bags and glanced around. I stepped up to Jesse, the nearest human.
   "Where is the youngest girl?" I asked.
   Jesse leaned down. "How are you, Rambo? You doing okay?" He picked me up and put me on his shoulder. I could talk to him much easier up here.
   "Where is the girl?" I asked again.
   "Hush," Jesse hissed. "That's loud." He pulled me off his shoulder, much to my dislike, and put me on the ground.
   "Stay out of the way," Jesse ordered. I hissed at him. Jesse bopped me on the nose.
   "Stop hissing." He walked away.
   I was no closer to solving this case than I had been five minutes ago. Time to start sleuthing. I dashed as fast as I could to the house, partly because I wanted to solve this case and partly because Caesar was after me. I crawled into the cement blocks serving as a porch step and waited until Caesar left.
   "Come out, you little nuisance," Caesar roared.
   I wrinkled my nose. "You have bad breath."
   "What are you doing?" Caesar asked. "Spying on the humans?"
   "The littlest girl has disappeared," I replied. "I have decided to find her."
   Caesar barked with laughter and I ran away. I hurried over to the chicken coop and immediately saw a clue. It was the girl's pink hair bow. Detective Rambo turned to Agent 525 Rambo, spy extraordinaire.
   I crawled through the fence and looked at the chicken pecking at the hair bow.
   "Scram, chicken," I growled.
   The chicken looked at me and I knew I was dead meat: the chicken was Fry the Rooster.
Come back next time for Part 4: Chicken!

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