Monday, August 12, 2013

The Case of the Missing Girl - Part 1

   How did the Kitten Mysteries come to be? That's a very good question, and one which I'll answer more in depth on Wednesday (that is the day for Kitten Mysteries related stuff. This is just the day for fiction!)
   Here's the original story that gave birth to the Kitten Mysteries series, The Missing Kitten in particular.

     The Case of the Missing Girl
By Jesse Rice
Chapter One
The Lion and the Panther
   I, the black panther, crept up on the giant lion. It was attacking a poor, helpless female tiger. I crept up behind the monster and leapt at him. I got him! I pulled him away from the tiger and swatted him in the face.
   "Ow!" Butch, the lion, yelped. "Rambo! Stop hitting me!" I stared at my brother. He was no longer a giant lion, now he was only a yellow kitten.
   "Oh, sorry," I replied. "I thought you were attacking a female tiger. No offense, Spot." Spot purred and licked her paw. Butch glared at me.
   "Stop letting your imagination run wild!" Butch growled, "Or I will be a giant lion and attack the puny, little panther!" He growled and scampered away. I sighed and turned back to Spot. She was still licking her front-right paw.
   I rolled my eyes and whispered: "Vanity." I walked away from the front of the cheese plant and walked into the parlor. I looked up at the bars where the cows were milked and saw Caesar growling at Barkley. I decided to put myself into action as Sheriff Rambo, Protector of ----- Farm. I ran up the hill and hissed at Caesar.
   Now look here, good sirs," I said in a western voice, "why don't you just come over here and talk about your argument for a moment."
   "Get out!" Caesar barked.
   "Careful, kid," Barkley growled at me, "This character's shady." Immediately I knew what to do. I jumped up into the feed trough and leapt down on Caesar.
   "Yee-haw, cowboy!" I meowed. "Yee-haw!" Caesar leapt into the air and I twisted away from his biting jaws.
   "Missed me, missed me!" I taunted.
   "I said get out!" Caesar roared and I flew off his back. I ran out the door and into the hay barn.
   "Hi, Rambo," Seabert squeaked. I looked at him, playfully stern.
   "That's 'Sheriff Rambo' to you," I giggled. Seabert grew serious.
   "Can I be depty?" he asked.
   "You mean 'deputy'?" I asked. He nodded.
   "Can I?" he asked again.
   "You may," I replied. "Let's go check out the calves!" Seabert and I ran up to the hay bales and climbed onto them. We looked down at the gigantic calves.
   "This is agent 525 Rambo," I whispered.
   "This is agent 697 Seabert," Seabert whispered.
   "This is agent 220 Butch," Butch whispered, appearing from nowhere. "I love playing spy." We crept up on the evil-calf monsters.
Come back next Monday to read the second of the five part series The Case of the Missing Girl.

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