Friday, April 18, 2014

Jesse and Rambo - A Conversation on Enemies

   It'd been a while since Rambo and I had talked, due to the fact that we were both so busy. Rambo had been managing the farm and watching the kittens, while I'd been working sluggishly on getting the cats' second adventure on paper. Finally, however, we got together just to talk.
   I started. "Hi Rambo, how're you today?"
   Rambo shrugged, sitting lazily on a table so I didn't have to look down at him. "I'm fine. You?"
   I tried to sit up in my chair so I didn't look unprofessional. "I'm okay." I balanced the laptop on my lap. "You don't mind that I'm writing this down, do you?"
   "Are you writing down what we're saying now?" he asked.
   I paused. "Yes."
   "That's going to be boring."
   I cleared my throat. "Anyway, I just need something to put on the blog and I figured a conversation between me and you would be interesting for the fans."
   "Fans?" Rambo asked. "You mean your grandparents and maybe a bored crow?"
   "Don't crush my self esteem."
   "Whatever. What did you want to talk about?"
   "Well, I was going to talk about enemies, but you seem a bit dour today (dour means grumpy, for anyone who doesn't know) so why don't you tell us why?"
   "Me. And the fans."
   Rambo smirked. "Right. The fans. Well, I've been busy. Watching out for intruders, keeping everything running smoothly, and making sure [redacted] and [redacted] are doing okay."
   "Don't say that: people don't know who [redacted] and [redacted] are."
   "Right. Still, the hardest part of 'that last thing' is keeping track of all the Sasha rumors."
   "Sasha rumors! Okay, now maybe we can get onto the topic I wanted to talk about: enemies."
   "Why would you want to talk about enemies?"
   "Because enemies are relevant. Especially at this time of year."
   "What exactly do you mean by that?"
   "Well, it's Easter time. That's when we humans celebrate forgiveness."
   Rambo looked confused. "What's that have to do with enemies?"
   I paused. "Well, this is the time of year where we celebrate how Jesus came to forgive and redeem his broken creations."
   "You're saying some guy came to tell his enemies everything was fine? What about justice?"
   "What about justice?"
   "Shouldn't the bad guys be punished? Take, for instance, Sasha. She did some bad stuff. Should I just let her go hurt other animals?"
   "No, that's not what I'm saying at all. What Jesus did, and that's who I try to emulate (that means 'try to be like'), was come and die for his enemies."
   Rambo stared at me blankly. "Die... for his enemies?"
   "Exactly. He came and died so that his enemies might be rescued from their shortcomings."
   Rambo blinked several times, trying to comprehend what I was saying. "And you want to be like this guy?"
   It was my turn to blink several times. "Yes. Why wouldn't I?"
   Rambo was speechless. "You don't... that's not how you deal with animals. Don't you know evil? Evil doesn't just... just change. Evil is evil. The only way to stop evil is to kill it."
   "What about back when Seabert was in trouble? You went and risked your life for him when he got kidnapped."
   "That's different! Seabert's my friend! What you're talking about is like me going to stop... Sasha! Stop Sasha from getting her due."
   "Yeah, that's pretty much what I'm saying."
   "And you don't find that crazy?"
   "No. Well, yes. I do find it crazy. But I also think that Jesus knows better about what's right than me. So I just try to follow after him."
   Rambo shrugged and stood up. "Whatever. As for me, if Sasha was about to get what's coming to her, I think I'd stand there and cheer. The less evil in the world the better."
   "I agree. But there's two ways to get rid of evil: kill it, or redeem it. Which would you rather?"
   Rambo was silent for only one second. "Killing's easier." He jumped off the table and walked away.

What did you think of our conversation? Should I transcribe more of them? Or maybe I can get a guest on and converse with them! Comment below if you have any suggestions, thoughts, or (duh) comments. What would you do to an enemy?

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