Friday, March 28, 2014

Everyone is Connected

I recently watched God's Not Dead, a film inspired by the apologetic book by Dr. Rice Broocks. There is much to say about it, both for it and against it (here are two articles that might be of interest: Why God's Not Dead is going to fail and Why God’s Not Dead is Taking Movie Theatres by Storm.)
   First, there are some criticisms of the film which should be (if only slightly) addressed. All non-Christians in this film are either evil or headed quickly toward death. I am unsure if this was supposed to be an example of the consequences of sin; if so, it seems to be unrealistic compared the world around us. Though it is true that people do die or get diseases, it happens to Christians are readily as non-Christians.
   There is also the point that any professor behaving as Radison would most probably be thrown out of his position. And while most atheists are not atheistic because of emotions (like Radison is), I must concede that there are those who are more 'anti-theist' than 'atheist'.
   However, the big thing I found fascinating about this story was the theme of complete connection. Every single character was connected to another. Everyone single story line was connected in someway. And every character was affected by each other. The story lines were almost ridiculously intertwined. It was 'coincidences' in the realm of Once Upon a Time or Heroes. At the beginning I was thinking, "This is cool, but kind of silly. People's lives don't really coincide in this way." Then I thought a bit more. Many TV shows, movies, or books I read do not have such intertwined plots. When they do, it is either because of an 'ancient prophecy' or just happenstance. Yet, God's Not Dead rejects both of those ideas, choosing instead that a benevolent God is in charge of everything. And if God is seeking to draw everyone to him, then why would it seem ridiculous that a car won't start or that all the main protagonists just happen to have close seats at  Newsboys concert?

   What were your opinions of God's Not Dead? If you haven't watched it yet, are you intending to?

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