Saturday, September 5, 2015

College Life

   College has started. I said last week it hadn't started yet. Now it has. It's a bit worse and not quite as bad as I thought it would be. However, there is a lot of work required. Lots of writing and reading and pulling out my hair. So, this blog post is late. And I really don't have a lot of time to write stuff, so I'm just going to give a link and hope that I have something more substantive to give for next week. (But that doesn't mean you should leave.)
    With that said, here's a little introduction: The post is from Into the Book and it is about writing. However, it's not just about writing (as in, the process of putting thoughts into physical words) it's specifically about writing with a pencil. Or pen. Andrew Joyce has a great article about how writing with a pen and paper can be helpful sometimes. I've taken that advice to heart and several of my college essays started out as lead streaks across a piece of wood. With that said, here's the article.
   Writing Life: Why Notebooks Rule

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