Friday, June 26, 2015

Post 100

This is blog post 100,
An event that's quite big,
I sought to do something special,
Something the readers will dig.

I thought of a movie
or a book review,
But those are all common,
As common as dew.

No, I decided,
I want something new
I should talk about something
That I like to do

So I settled on Musicals,
they bring joy to me,
listening to melodies,
Watching things that I see.

There are stories of elephants,
Who find tiny towns,
And sit on an egg
Then stuck looking around.

There are stories of boys
Who go on a strike
'Cause they're not being paid
And that they don't like.

There are songs about Down-Looking,
About The End of the Day,
There are songs to which 
Mayzie La Bird flies away

There are stories of villains
Who aren't quite bad,
One wears a mask,
Another's green and sad.

Then there's Disney,
which wrote quite a few
Musicals to promote
their movies for you

There's Beauty, and Gaston
(He thinks only on "Me!")
And a Hunchback who shows
Looks aren't all we should see.

There's Judge Frollo
Who's fixated on fire below,
And a Mermaid,
Who above the sea would go.

There are so many more
Musicals that I could mention,
But I've run out of time,
And these rhymes raise the tension

So if you enjoy musicals
As much as me,
Comment below
Tell me what you like to see.

That's all the time that
I have for today
Come back next week,
When I have more to say.

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