Thursday, November 21, 2013

Supervillain Awareness Day

   November 21 is the day we remember the first time Supervillains attacked, in Middle-of-Nowhere, Kansas. Today is the day when evil must be destroyed. When a caped crusader must step up to the forefront to destroy the villainy of the... well, Supervillains. Who is this masked creature?
   It's a bird! It's a plane!
   It's Over-Cat!


   Or not. Actually, I have no plans to write a book about a cat that fights evil (or superpowered evil, at least). I'm still working on the Kitten Mysteries. Though, if you have a hunger for superpowered awesomeness, go check out the Supervillain of the Day series. Today and Tomorrow, all six books in the first 'season' are free on Kindle (even though this link is only to the first book, all the books are free on Kindle)! So go check it out!

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