Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Missing Kitten

I was out weedwacking today (yes, I was literally wacking weeds), when I came up with all sorts of ideas for the second book in The Kitten Mysteries series. It's gonna be great! Seabert's going to...
What's that? You don't know about the first book in the series? Oh. I suppose I should start at the beginning then:

The Missing Kitten is a book about cats. Rambo is one of the main characters. He's a fun-loving cat with a great imagination. When he finds out that his friend Seabert the kitten, is missing, he figures not too much is wrong. Sometimes kittens go exploring, no big deal. Yet, when he looks into it, he finds that it is a big deal. A kitten turns up dead and Rambo must work and sacrifice to save his friend, and more, from destruction.

Sound interesting? I hope so, because it's coming out soon. That's right, my book is coming out sometime in early July. There, I said it, now I must be held to it. The Missing Kitten will be out by early July. I hope you're ready.

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